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The history of TDC is a short epic full of adventures


Sails set we strive to pilot our ship: 1995-2001

In Jan. 1995, under the leadership of Jeff Chee, the founder of TDC, a group of young people from all over the country, firmly committed to the principles of " responsibility, trustworthiness and never giving up", overcame numerous difficulties and embarked on the arduous journey of entrepreneurship.

Jan. 1995, TDC began production in a rented factory

November 1997, TDC acquired Herbin Yuwangding Wire Drawing Factory.

January 1998, TDC acquired Dalian Yuhua Industrial Corporation grinding production line.

September 1998, TDC relocated to Dalianwan.

May 1999, TDC acquired Michigan Drill Co, Chicago branch in the US.

May 2000, TDC acquired Dalian Steel Wire Products Co., now known as TDC Specialty Steel Co. 


Ride the winds We stand on top of the waves: 2001-2007

August 2002, TDC acquired Leting Grinding Wheel Co. now known as TDC Grinding Wheel Co.

June 2003, TDC acquired Dalian Carbide Co., now known as TDC Carbide Co., Ltd. 

March 2004, TDC acquired Shanxi Pinding Industrial Tap Co. 

January 2005, TDC Group Co. Incorporated was founded.

October 2006, TDC acquired Dalian Sitong Link Rod Co. for the preparation of building the new TDC Specialty Steel Co. 

December 2006, TDC acquired US Kennametal Company, Mexican Branch. 

On July 1st 2007, new TDC Specialty Steel Co. started operation.

In the endless, ever-changing business environment, only the most powerful and intelligent can lead their industry. From raw materials to manufacturing and distribution to the point of consumption and recycling, TDC has established a highly integrated supply chain, which has secured itself as the leader of the industry.


Bon Voyage•We hold steady toward our destination

To face the ever-changing market, TDC has made the bold strategic decision to grow internationally. Through several overseas acquisitions, TDC now owns numerous internationally recognized brands and technology patents and has become strongest player on the world stage. 

June 2008, TDC successfully acquired the highly acclaimed European cutting tool company—German Werko. 

June 2009, TDC successfully acquired the world-famous cutting tool company—Greenfield Industries Inc. in the US. Simultaneously, TDC took over and established the Cleveland Co. in Mexico, Greenfield in Canada and the Cleveland Co. in Brittan. 

June 2011, TDC Metal Co., Ltd was founded.

May 2012, TDC acquired production lines of Distton Saws in the US and established TDC Saws. 

November 2012, TDC Industrial Complex in Dalian, Phase I, was completed and began production. 

Lean manufacturing
Lean manufacturing
TDC is produced rather than testing out, by the production of quality management to ensure the final quality, and to quality inspection and control during production in every process to reflect.
Product research and development
Product research and development
The world first-class production equipment, advanced technology, technology and strict management, strict qualification certification, for the birth of the far east precision quality products laid the foundation.
Quality Management
Quality Management
Choose the far east precision, not only do you choose the leading industry of the technology and the world first-class products; Got more powerful experts and technical personnel's support.