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Lean Manufacture
Selection of raw materials

Stringent selection of high quality raw materials is the starting point of ensuring product quality and excellence in TDC

Therefore we created the most fully integrated supply chain in the industry from mining to finished products. This provides the most stringent quality control from raw material to smelting to the manufacturing process.

Chemical composition control: chemical composition test on each furnace steel, strictly limit the content of harmful chemical composition of the steel and increase testing on manganese and sulfur ratio, consequently further improving the hot workability of steel

Internal deficiencies control:

1) using remelting process, so the chemical composition of the steel is more stable, more pure;

2) the steel forging equipment imported tissue denser, more uniform microstructure;

3) of each slab is 100% ultrasonic testing, effectively avoid the generation of defects within the material

3 Appearance control: the processing of billets, round and straight plate products 100% visual inspection to avoid the generation of the product surface cracks

4 Size control: the processing of billets, round plate, straight perform 20% of the sampling, to ensure the stability of the output size of the processing of raw materials, improve order processing after production efficiency and reduce the cost of order processing

Lean manufacturing
Lean manufacturing
TDC is produced rather than testing out, by the production of quality management to ensure the final quality, and to quality inspection and control during production in every process to reflect.
Product research and development
Product research and development
The world first-class production equipment, advanced technology, technology and strict management, strict qualification certification, for the birth of the far east precision quality products laid the foundation.
Quality Management
Quality Management
Choose the far east precision, not only do you choose the leading industry of the technology and the world first-class products; Got more powerful experts and technical personnel's support.